ARMA: 10 years of success celebrated with [a:rpia:r], Binh, Half Hawaii and more at Funkhaus Berlin on 2nd June 2018

ARMA, Moscow-based promoter, will host a 24h event named ARMA X, taking over 4 rooms at Funkhaus Berlin to properly celebrate their 10th birthday.

Something big was already in the air since their 9th birthday, when three separate parties were successfully organized across St.Peterbourg (Arsenal City Space), Berlin (Greissmuehle) and London (Great Suffolk Street Warehouse), giving the Russian promoter a new and deserved international dimension.

This time the city chosen is again the German capital, with the iconic venue on the river Spree that welcomed both Perlon 20th-birthday and HYTE NYE 2018 to be used: the perfect place to celebrate their long standing career of success in the arts and events spaces.

Several artists and acts have been booked including Romanian powerhouse [a:rpia:r] represented by RPR Soundsystem (Raresh b2b Rhadoo b2b Petre Inspirescu), international heavyweight like Nicolas Lutz, Binh, Nastia, Vlada, Mathew Jonson and Half Hawaii, plus the not-less-relevant ARMA friends residents, the real added value for an extended rave like this one.

Following the troubles they had to face in Russia some years ago, with their spaced forced to close and their festival – Outline – cancelled by the authorities , this is a very well-deserved development for an organization that always fought to promote a music culture in their hometown borders.
In the light of the recent Georgian events, with BASSIANI and Cafe’ Gallery raided by authorities, ARMA evolution and success abroad is an important milestone that we can only wish to other organization that rentlessly put the same effort ARMA put on the scene, by booking international artists, fostering local talents and promoting a likeminded concepts and ideas.

Not stopping in front of difficulties and most importantly dancing together for their freedom and right to express culture thorugh music, that’s the path we aim will be followed by other organization facing issues like ARMA did.

The full artists list for ARMA X on the 2nd of June 2018 is below:

Ambiq, Dewey Dell, Groupshow: Andrew Pekler, Hanno Leichtmann, Jan Jelinek, Oleg Glushkov, Soundwalk Collective, Zoviet France, Cotenius Z, Elektricheskaya Sobaka, Gnod, Kommando, Mai Mai Mai, Phurpa, Shit & Shine, [a:rpiar]: Rhadoo, Petre Inspirescu, Raresh, Binh, Denis Kaznacheev, Half Hawaii (Sammy Dee, Bruno Pronsato), Hypnobeat, Mathew Jonson, Nastia, Nicolas Lutz, Philipp Gorbachev & The Naked Man, Rayo, Sofia Rodina, Vlada, Andrey Zots, Abelle, Container, Etapp Kyle, Gaja, Nikita Zabelin, PTU, Roma Knigi, Tundra, Andre Pahl, Dragos Rusu, Hipushit, Ranishe Niyaak, 33.10.3402

Expect the same flawless production that characterized previous ARMA events as, according to RA, all key members of the ARMA community will participate in ARMA X, including DJs, musicians, and art crew.

Photo credits:
pic1 by Ogarev, front pic by Mixmag

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