Animal Crossing celebrate 1st birthday with 48-hour adventure

In a city like Manchester starting a new club collective is no easy task, but in the 10 something months since Animal Crossing burst on to the scene they have set about making more than just a name for themselves. The team are ensuring that they colour outside of the lines for every party that they put their name to. Be it parties in abandoned mills, underground bunkers or intimate capacity lofts the more unique the better.

Original venues are one thing but booking guests such Fabe, Ingi Visions, iO Mulen and a host of top-level hookups with the likes of LOLife, EWax, Picnic London and of course their involvement in the upcoming Mint Warehouse terrace party with System and Fuse this is a crew with some serious credentials. What also makes their parties stand apart from their competition is their tireless production team who will stop at nothing to transform any space in to a veritable smorgasbord for the senses. Headed up by Oliver Townsend, this crack team scout out the best venues which they then fit out and transform them ready to blow minds for the next party.

Next up for Animal Crossing is something rather next level and will require superhuman endurance to both organise and attend, but that is half the fun, right? Celebrating their first birthday over the course of the May Bank Holiday will see a 48-hour / 2-prong attack to proceedings. First up on May 4th there will be a double Animal Crossing debut for 2 Romanians namely Cristi Cons and caLLy. These 2 minimal selectors will be aided and abetted by the Animal Crossing DJ’s at an intimate 150 people capacity rooftop party before the party moves on to a private after-hours until phase commences.

The aforementioned second phase will take place at a secret terrace venue and the only details the Animal Crossing crew were at liberty to divulge that it would take place beside a railway bridge where the pairing of Brawther and Slapfunk’s Samuel Deep will continue the madness. Once the terrace party is done and dusted there will again be another after hours and so completing the 48-hour cycle. For now, the actual venues and further event details are remaining secret, but rest assured these parties will change lives. Keep your ears to the ground as more information is revealed in the coming weeks.

Animal Crossing Rooftop Party w/ Cristi Cons & caLLY
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Animal Crossing Terrace Party w/ Brawther and Samuel Deep
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