Amorf to release 2 track EP “Dimensions” on Amphia

New material from top Romanian electronic artists Cristi Cons and Vlad Caia is often greeted with critical acclaim across the board, this goes the same for both their individual output and collectively as SIT. However, when new material is about to drop from Romanian trio Amorf, which is SIT combined with the synthesizer prowess of Mischa Blanos, the minimal community get very excited indeed. And that is an understatement. It is worth adding for point for reference that their 3 disc “Blinding Light” LP on Understand was one of the highlights from 2017.

The fact that Amorf’s Dimensions EP is also being released via the stand out Amphia imprint has sent the chat boards into a minimal, salivating frenzy. The two-track EP on the celebrated Romanian label will have 2 distinct sides to it, side A titled “Reflections” is a lush, atmospheric instrumental that works in some warped, metallic FX and detuned basslines in order to offset the airiness of the layers of sweet synth work laid down by Mischa.

As with all Amorf performances and releases, Cristi Cons takes care of drums, while percussions and additional synth work are shared with Vlad. The result is a more sinister and purposeful B side, titled “Manifold Surface”, the palette of sounds is much darker and more intense but still retains the same urgency and energy that runs throughout each of these forward-thinking artist’s work. What makes this release even more impressive is that the impossibly well-intertwined rhythms, melodies, drums hits and basslines are in fact all recorded live. The good news is that you won’t have long to wait either as the EP will be released on Friday, November 30th at all good vinyl dealers. Don’t sleep on this one.

Front pic: Vlad Balteanu, shot at Lunar

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