Alexis Cabrera: South America Tour

Since playing his first live sets in Buenos Aires just over a decade ago, Alexis Cabrera is heading back to South America for the first time this year, showcasing his unique live sets at 6 special venues across Argentina and Chile.

Along the way, Alexis will be connecting with some old friends at some of the gigs, where they will play together, including Bodeler, Ariel Rodz, Felipe Venegas and Jorge Ciccioli.

Alexis has built a reputation for himself not only through his live sets that have seen him tour the world and even feature live on a Boiler Room recording, but his dedicated work in the studio has contributed to his well deserved career in music. His latest release on Mariano Mateljan’s label u.dig has gone down a treat at festivals and parties across the world in the last few months, and with forthcoming releases on Mannheim’s Salty Nuts and Sukhumvit, as well as other works out on Studio 76 Music, Atipic and Archie Hamilton’s label Moscow, it’s fair to say that Cabrera puts as much work into his productions as well as his live sets!



For the gear heads that are curious about the hardware and synthesisers, Cabrera uses a modular system with analog oscillators to produce his basslines, some additional oscillators for chords, crazy effects and sounds, and samplers for percussion and extra drums. Arturia’s Beatstep Pro sends sequences to the modular system, a Roland TR-8 creates the main drums throughout the set and some extra audio clips are loaded into Abelton. In addition to the analog and digital sounds, Alexis often sets up a microphone to use for vocal effects and singing on the fly.

“I start by sequencing the basslines of every track again, normally I record every channel of each track live in audio, then go back to the sequencer and rewrite those lines .” explains Cabrera, “I cut some extra audio clips from the original tracks and the rest is mostly jams depending on the club, crowd and any other contributing factors”.

The first stop is in Trelew, Argentina, followed by a party with the Burkina crew in Córdoba on March 31st. Alexis will then be playing alongside friends Bodeler and Jorge Ciccioli at Studio Crobar in Buenos Aires, before heading to Chile for an event on April 3rd, and another on the 6th with Felipe Venegas. On April 7th Alexis will be back in Argentina, wrapping the tour up with Ariel Rodz in San Telmo.


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