Trommel partners with The Source to deliver the best studio tutorials

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Having already delivered 11 snapshot sessions from our communities’ top producers Michael James and his now partner Rich NxTs’ project The Source aims to demystify and share top studio tricks and techniques. Featuring insights from the likes of Lauren Lo Sung, Kepler, Jorge Savoretti and Michael himself the tutorials are not just aimed at newbies as the personalised and often self-taught techniques benefit the full spectrum of producers.

With this project being so valuable and refreshingly transparent we here at Trommel are excited to announce our partnership with The Source. Each tutorial that goes up online will also be accompanied by a technical feature on our website as well as an in-depth chat with the artist delivering the session. This means that going forward you will get serious studio knowledge straight from The Source. Stay tuned for the NxT tutorial that is about to drop.

© Photography by Jake Davis (

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