The Source welcomes Monika Ross with a tutorial on sampling to create new ideas

Monika Ross has always made music with a certain swagger. However, her output on the likes of Banoffee Pies, M-Tones and most recently Kosmophono has toughened up the vibes considerably.

In her tutorial for The Source, Monika Ross gives the lowdown on her use of samples to create a new groove. We had a quick chat with her to find out more about her sampling process and her new style.

Can you give us a quick run-down on your tutorial?

The technique is used to create rhythmic gating effects on recorded samples over an existing beat.

How did you come across this technique?

I use a lot of sampled drums and other elements and it’s a great way to minimise a loops’ transients and affect them in a way that creates a new and fresh rhythm/groove.

When sourcing the samples to use do you have any tips for getting clean samples from old records? 

Make sure you have a decent needle and some clear, original pieces of sound.

What’s your sample digging process? 

At the moment, old ghetto tech and funk records come from ’The New Dance Show’ which was a live dance TV show with the latest Detroit tracks from the 80’s and 90’s. The tracks feature a lot of vocal skits and interludes which sound great remixed.

Tell us more about the samples that you are using at the moment, do they come from your earlier musical influences or are these newer styles you are exploring?

Definitely, a new style for me based on my current interest in older club/techno tracks and records.

Can we expect to see your sample track on an upcoming release any time soon?

Yes, you can – much of this style coming in the next months.


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