Spanish hotshot producer Enzo Leep welcomes The Source into his studio

In Enzo’s video, he imparts some of the sampling knowledge that has led him to releasing for the likes of OGE White amongst a raft of others. Enzo’s work ethic and laser-guided ear for a tidy sample is an instrument in itself and here he shows you how to supercharge your tracks. To get the lowdown on Enzo’s writing process and his tutorial we caught up with the man himself.

Great to see you again Enzo, can you give us a breakdown of your tutorial for The Source?

Firstly, thanks for the support. I’m really happy to be part of The Source, it is a great idea and Michael James has already had some great names already making tutorials. For my tutorial, I try to show people that don’t know so much about production a good way to get amazing results – Sampling. I try to add also some of my tricks that I acquired in the last 10 years making music.

How important is sampling to your workflow?

Well, I need to say that in my first years making music I didn’t use sampling usually, I wanted to learn deeply the process of producing electronic club music, trying to master all the production techniques before going for my own style. After this process, I start to sampling little by little and I discovered a real passion and love for it. Nowadays it represents a very high percentage of the content of my tracks. It is endless.

Do you always sample when making a track?

Yes, in one or another way always there are sampled sounds, from the noise of a record to some Soul or old hip hop snares are always in my tracks now. In my tutorial I’ll try to make it easy to understand. Working with audio is infinite, and is great to create new sounds from others. I also love to work with drum machines, synthesizers, and machines. For example, with my Elektron Digitakt I use to add sounds usually but is true this year, sampling was the main value in my music, I think.

Where did you learn the techniques to enable such tight warping and sampling?

I study for 3 years in Madrid and Barcelona, music production and audio engineering, and for sure the technical stuff that I learn there was important, but I think the main thing for sampling is to listen and know a lot of music and different styles. Then when you know how to make a good track, is easy to add some of the amazing samples we have on the net. It is amazing the amount of great stuff you can find if u spend a bit of time on it, the feeling when you find a good sample is very close to the feeling when you find a great and rare vinyl in a record shop, I love it. For sure, I think is really important to find correctly the samples that fit the style of the track you want to do, a lot of times I found great samples that sadly are hard to engage in a club track.

What do you have planned for the track that features in your video?

I’m really happy and excited because I signed this track with OGE Records, an amazing label from the UK that trust a lot in my music the last few years. After the great success of our last collab together, we are very close to launching a really amazing vinyl with 4 tracks based on sampling, really can’t wait to show this to the people, and for sure, hope that they soon hear it on a dance floor. We lose one of the most important parts of our lives this year, we will be back soon. Meanwhile, I hope all the people enjoy the music and our culture as much as I do. so much thanks for having this little interview is always a pleasure.


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