Russian artist Matpri is next to show his studio skills for The Source

A well-known face in the crowd, Prosaic boss and Russian hotshot producer Matpri has been crafting dancefloor bombs for many years now. A regular for top labels such as Hoarder, Heisenberg, SAKTU and iO Mulen’s Slowdy Mowdy imprint and his tracks deserve to be nowhere else. For the next edition of The Source comes from Matpri where he opens up his playbook where he explores his use of Ableton and the creative use of the Renoise plg-in. We won’t spoil the surprise of the studio science waiting but in the mean time we caught up with Matpri to find out more…

Tell us more about this technique and what other use it has?

I would not say that this technique is unique, I just needed to cheer up a couple of standard chords, but none of the plug-ins suited for these purposes and I remembered that I did this in Renoise.

Would a gate have a similar effect? What would be the difference here?

It’s similar to the gate effect of course and it’s the same but in my case I don’t use the gate plugin and a third-party circuit from another channel (side-chain etc). All I do is control the gain parameter creating patterns from the automation curves. And yes, one more thing there is no clicks plus you can use groove templates and they will work but only in session mode. To go to the arrangement, I use channel freeze. You can also create empty midi clips but with automation and play something so you can get more interesting solutions.

What other track elements does also work on?

I am sure that there are no rules here and you just have to try.

It will definitely work with vocals or pad, when you are tired of them and don’t understand what to do next.

Do you work entirely in the box? Or do you use hardware kit to get the same effect in other situations?

I only have a laptop with Ableton and Renoise on it and an Arturia Keystep 37 midi controller. But I tried to apply this technique with the gear and it also worked perfectly well.

Can you tell us more about your production background? Where did you learn these techniques?

I just listen to the new or old tracks, it doesn’t matter, and choose the sound that I like, try to repeat it and the result is something new, sometimes good, sometimes bad.

Which of your tracks does this technique feature most on?

This technique is mostly featured on my new tracks which will be released later this year.


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