Lose Endz gets busy in the studio with his sampler for The Source

Spaniard Lose Endz is well known for the many shades of house music that he produces and being able to view first hand his sampling technique is a treat. Releasing on the likes of Metafloor Records, Zingber Audio, Tamango Records and Inermu Wax has brought him to the attention of the discerning listener and his tutorial for The Source is just a small reason why…

Can you give us a run-down of your tutorial today?

First of all, thanks for inviting me, it’s been a pleasure. Well, the tutorial I’ve done is my technique for sampling. This is my technique, I know there are a lot of different other ways to do it, but I feel comfortable in this way with the gear I have.

You mention you are a big fan of hip hop, did this come before your love of house music? What was your history there?

Well, I’ve listened to a lot of different genres because of my father’s influence, from rock to reggae. But one friend lent me ‘Get Rich Or Die Trying’ from 50 Cent and then I got in love with Hip Hop. Especially the sound from New York 94’ and 98’ like Big L, Mobb Deep, Biggie, etc. Where I was born, there wasn’t a proper rave scene in my city so my first contact to house music was the radio, Carl Cox podcast, some Daft Punk. But it was when I moved to Madrid to study when I was 17 was when I started to get in touch with house parties and my brain exploded and got really in love with this music.

Have you always used software methods for sampling or did you start out with hardware samplers?

I would have loved having an MPC or an SP404 but no. Now I’m looking for an MPC 2000xl but it’s impossible to find it, I’ll be patient I started with Maschine because it was my first gear and learned everything I know from it.

Are there any cons to just using digital samplers?

I think there are no cons. I think you can achieve the same result, and digital hardware can be more precise. Maybe analogue touch has some magic in it but in the end it depends on the person, not the gear.Lose E

Bit of a broad question but how do you get around sample clearance for your tracks or is it all so obscure?

If you’re asking about rights and property, I’ll just say, youtube is a gold mine for digital sampling. But if you’re asking about the sound quality, I just use EQs and noise reducer.

Can we expect the finished version of your example track any time soon?

For now, it’s just a jam, but if people want it and I see some enthusiasm in the comments I’ll release it in my Bandcamp!!


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