Italian duo Carebears flex their studio skills for The Source

Having released on a variety of the finest house labels around such as Purism, Off Path or Blind Vision Italian artists Carebears are the real deal. As well as appearing on these fine imprints the pairing of Alberto and Alessandro (aided by their dog Gualtiero) also have a best-selling self-titled label.

The pairs’ finely weighted tracks have clearly drawn the attention of their peers. One such artist to recognise their skills is Michael James and Rich NxT’s The Source. We will let the lads speak for themselves…

Hello Carebears! Can you give us a breakdown of your tutorial?

Hello Everybody! We hope you are all doing good! In this tutorial, we show how to use some MIDIFX in Logic. We use this trick to move the sounds within our tracks.

In case our readers missed it what VST’s were you using in the video?

We intentionally used only native plug-ins of Logic, so that everyone can experience what you see in the video! First,  we used a Sculpture for bass writing, on which we connected a Randomizer by selecting Note Number. Sculpture is a synthesizer that generates sounds by simulating the physical properties of a vibrating string.

In the second and third case we utilized Ultrabeat. It is a synthesizer designed to create percussive sounds and polyphonic rhythms. We love it for its drag and drop function and its sequencer on which can be edited all parameters step by step.

We then used midi FX modulator, which through LFO modifies the pitch of a voice and the amount of reverb on a clap thanks to a Space Designer.  This latter is another native Logic plug-in very interesting for the ability to import its own IR.

What other synths have found work equally well using this technique?

Any plug-in Instrument or Audio FX loaded onto a channel strip software Logic Instrument can be automated in this way and the Learn plug-in parameter function make it very easy. Just a touch of the mouse!

What other tracks of yours are a good example of this technique?

We often use LFOs with hardware, experimenting with machines in the studio; what comes out of it’s often surprising and unexpected and help us to fight our exaggerated love for disk tools! An example similar to the tutorial is listenable in ‘Billy’s Fantamoney’, it was released by Bar Musica (Mineral Minds), where voices and reverbs are in constant motion.

Will the music in your video be part of a full release? If so, can you give us more info on the release?

No, not yet. In the video, you can only listen to a loop that has become a track but, still looking for a home!


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