Trommel.123 – Mr. G

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Colin McBean is old school. Through and through. His stripped-back brand of analogue house and techno has been emulated many times but never bettered. Heads will recognise his work from the first beat and if they don’t hear him then Mr. G will sure as hell make sure you see him coming. His flamboyant performances are in no way an attempt to mask a lack of creativity as he is still prolific, innovative, and surprising over 20 years after he launched his own Phoenix G record label.

What is even more impressive than the longevity of Mr. G is the fact that much of the extensive Phoenix G discography has come from the man himself. As well as being inhumanly prolific on his own label Mr. G has also spread the love amongst some of the most influential house and techno labels such as Bass Culture, Running Back, and REKIDS.

His latest effort, ‘The Forced Force Is Not True Force’ LP, has been recently released on Childhood and distributed by Clone in the form of 3×12″ qualitative 180gr vinyl. It reminds us once again why there are hardly any authentic artists around.

He now joins our series and takes us on an adventure through the many shades of house and techno that make up the legendary G sound.

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